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Survivor Art Showcase hosted by Houston Area Women’s Center and The Nicole Longnecker Gallery


The Houston Area Women’s Center Counseling Department, working with the Nicole Longnecker gallery, organized an installation of art therapy pieces created by clients of the Houston Area Women’s Center. The Nicole Longnecker Gallery has donated space to feature this installation as part of its Interpretive Voices exhibition, which will debut on July 13th and run through early August.

HAWC hosted a showing of the exhibit on Monday, July 22, 2013. Leticia Manzano, Manager of Counseling and Advocacy at the Houston Area Women’s Center spoke on the Counseling Program’s utilization of art therapy and its impact on survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

Show statement from the gallery: “Expression can manifest itself through both physical and mental processes. Creating art is an important avenue of self-discovery as color and form can replace words to describe experiences. Some of these are unspeakable but art can translate them into something tangible, giving the artist a vehicle of expression, which send a powerful message that creates a new dialogue.”

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