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Roberto Cavalli’s Misuse Of The Sacred Sufi Emblem Brings Out Crowds Of Protesters To Galleria

There was a demonstration yesterday in Houston at the Houston Galleria Mall outside of Nordstrom (5192 Hidalgo Street, Houston, TX 77056). The demonstration was held on Hidalgo Street between McCue Rd. and Sage Rd. from 12:00P.M. to 3:00P.M.

The peaceful demonstrations was an opportunity for Sufis to express their grievance and offense at Cavalli’s misuse of their sacred Sufi emblem.

According to the students, the emblem contains deep spiritual significance and iconography which is being tarnished by Cavalli’s vindictive Just Cavalli campaign. They want removal of all Just Cavalli products that uses their emblem, which is a registered trademark. Roberto Cavalli simply rotated the emblem and declared it to be a ‘snake bite,’ a connotational indication of the original sin and the deadly sin. The Just Cavalli campaign video was deemed as being so inappropriate that it was removed in the UK.


After attempting to contact Cavalli and repeatedly being ignored, students have taken matters into their own hands and launched an impressive #TakeOffJustLogo campaign using, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and recently vine to express their discontent. They have caught the attention of various bloggers and newspapers, and have been approached by numerous journalists. We have been one of these news sources.

According to the protestors, they are attempting to protect the sanctity of their faith from being tarnished. Above all else, the #TakeOffJustLogo campaign is about claiming what is rightfully theirs. It seems that Roberto Cavalli has also been looked at as guilty of offending faith groups in the past. In 2004 he managed to outrage thousands of Hindus by using images of their holy deities on various merchandise including bikinis.


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