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Rep. Turner Reports Sex Offenders Moving Out of Acres Homes Today

St. Rep. Sylvester Turner reports that 27 sex offenders are being moved out of a facility in Acres Homes today.

“I have been informed that 27 sex offenders in a facility in my district will be moved to a halfway house in a more appropriate location,” said Turner.  “I am told that they will be gone by 5 p.m. today.”

Twenty-one sex offenders, convicted of sex crimes, many with children, were originally housed at the Southwest Texas Transitional Treatment Center, 10950 Beaumont Highway, owned by the Geo Group.  These are men who were kept in state custody even after serving their prison sentences because they are considered so dangerous to the public.

Over the past few weeks, they were moved into a crowded facility called True Safe Haven, 9300 W. Montgomery, in an Acres Homes neighborhood.  Apparently that facility failed inspections by the City’s Public Works and Fire Departments.  No notice was given to the local residents or the elected officials who represent that area that these violent offenders were being moved into this residential area.

Rep. Turner immediately began working to reverse the transfer.  This afternoon, the Office of Violent Sex Offender Management is picking up a total of 27 offenders and moving them to the Beaumont Highway halfway house.

“I’m glad these offenders have been moved out of this neighborhood but they should never have been put there in the first place,” said Turner.  “When I return to the Legislature next year, you can be sure one bill I will file will ensure that such offenders cannot be placed in a location without full public disclosure.


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