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Major Startup Investors Gather in Houston To Create Momentum for New Innovation


NewsWireHouston had a chance to sit in on the luncheon at the Innovation Conference and Showcase hosted by Houston Technology Center. To our surprise, there were 400 plus attendees anticipating the panel discussion on the future of technology and the role of Houston. This panel was loaded with insight from the following: Andy Barron, Welch Chair of Chemistry; Barbara Burger, President, Chevron Technology Ventures; Tom Pickens, CEO, Astrotech; Jeff Sheldon, General Partner, CitareTx Investment Partners; and David Steakley, Chairman, Houston Angel Network. Best of all, it was made clear that some of the panelists were looking to invest in or commercialize startup ideas with a minimum of $400k investments.

Not only was the panel great, the conversations were invigorating as well amongst other attendees from across the globe who had great startups based around new technological advances.

“The process for me always starts with getting feedback on your new technology or product and your business model, then it leads to partnerships, investment, or purchase by those interested,” says a young doctor that flew in from Russia whom has launched and sold successful startup companies, and is currently Chair of one focused on oil and gas innovation technology.

Just like the doctor, there was a unique story by every attendee, whether an investor or part of a new startup. Don’t miss the next one!

The Innovation Conference and Showcase is the largest presentation of Texas Gulf Coast emerging technology companies from the energy, information technology, life sciences, nanotechnology and NASA/aerospace sectors.

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