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Westpark Communications Has a Disaster Recovery Plan

 One of the biggest things Westpark Communications focus on is how will a natural disaster or man-made disaster impact our company and our ability to provide services to our customers? How will we function with no power, no internet and no phones in our building? One of our great strengths as a company is that we have a hosted data and phone network that are located off site at a “less disaster prone” area. It is a tier 4 location that houses all of our network equipment including phone lines, and network equipment. We also have multiple backup communication lines that run from various locations to back up our main service which is answering calls.

In addition, Westpark has recently implemented a remote support plan that allows our agents to work from anywhere that has a broadband connection to the internet, so we could virtually setup our office anywhere and continue working as usual.

For companies that do not have backups in place, we have a few suggestions that might help you out. The first thing you want to have is a simple backup battery for your network room, something that will give you at least a few minutes time so that you can properly shut down your network. If you have a network that is not critical for your business to run, but houses important data this solution is perfect for you.

If you have a very heavily used network that you depend on for day to day services, it would be very wise to see what your building offers for power backup or think about moving your network equipment to a much more stable location. Most buildings in a hurricane zone have a generator that you can plug into (most likely for a fee) that will keep your equipment going constantly.  You must also think about your internet provider and may want to find out what their plan is to keep the network up and running in case of a disaster.

As for your phones, Westpark Communications offers a great solution for that, after all, that is what we do, and our backups are already in place. We could answer your calls instead of them getting a busy tone or voicemail, we could take messages, or forward calls to another location or just let the customer know that you’re shut down due to a hurricane or natural disaster. We pride ourselves in being a very customized solution, basically you tell us what you want and we build it.

There are so many different ways to be prepared, right now WPC is concerned with the IT side of the house, but there are tons of other ideas on the web. Things like how to prepare your personnel for the disaster, developing a written plan, having a contact list of key personnel, safe housing your important records like accounts, taxes etc. You would even want to check your insurance coverage to ensure you’re properly covered.

Westpark Communications is a second generation woman-owned business founded in 1968.


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