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Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Energy Summit & Business Expo

The Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (HHCC) recently held their Energy Summit & Business Expo event which was underwritten by Shell. The event educated attendees on the many opportunities available to small businesses and the community within the energy industry. Certain products and practices allow for partnerships between small business and the giant energy industry that can be beneficial to both. Being conscious of our energy supply, and strengthening these partnerships, impacts everyone as seen through some of the recent strides made locally and globally. Dr. Laura Murillo, President and CEO of the HHCC, thanked Dick Williams – President of Shell’s Wind Energy division – for being the event’s keynote speaker. Through relationships with Shell and other large companies, the HHCC is able to leverage numerous opportunities for it’s members and supporters. You can find out more about the organization, and a series of initiatives that will continue throughout the end of the year, at Their Health Summit and Annual Awards Gala are highlights of this year’s calendar.

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