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Harris County Department of Education to Move In New Direction Upon Retirement of Superintendent John E. Sawyer

Dr. John E. Sawyer has announced his retirement and resignation as County Superintendent of Schools at Harris County Department of Education (HCDE) after nearly 12 years of service.

As a result, HCDE’s Board of Trustees and Dr. Sawyer have reached an agreement, allowing the longtime educator to pursue other interests. Both the Board and Dr. Sawyer enter into this agreement with the best interests of HCDE, and the students of Harris County, in mind.

On behalf of the Department, the Board of Trustees expresses its appreciation to Dr. Sawyer for his efforts to advance teaching and learning while serving as Superintendent of this ever-evolving, education-based institution in Harris County. HCDE’s Board further recognizes the many achievements and accomplishments of the entire HCDE team during Dr. Sawyer’s tenure as Superintendent and as an employee of the Department.

Likewise, Dr. Sawyer thanks the past and present Boards of Trustees for having provided him with the opportunity to serve as the County School Superintendent. He also expresses his heartfelt appreciation to the staff and community for their support of the Department’s programs and services during his term as Superintendent.

A county school district is simply measured by the nature of its commitment to the community, students, and other educational institutions within the county. A firm commitment to sound educational ideals is indeed evident through both HCDE’s leadership at the governance level as well as by its staff at all levels within the Department.

Success requires hard work, dedication, leadership, and vision. Both the Board and Dr. Sawyer wish to acknowledge and recognize the teachers, principals, administrators, staff, students, parents, and patrons who have all contributed to the Department’s success.

Finally, as the Board begins the process of preparing to embark upon its search for a new superintendent, the body extends its best wishes to Dr. Sawyer in his future endeavors. During this time, however, HCDE’s Board of Trustees is dedicated to maintaining the continuity of the Department’s exceptional operations to equalize educational opportunities for all students within Harris County.

While the Board searches for an interim superintendent, HCDE Assistant Superintendent Celes Harris will serve in the role of acting superintendent.

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