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Harris County Department of Education Board of Trustees votes to save taxpayers money

Looking out for taxpayers, the Harris County Department of Education Board of Trustees voted this week to save taxpayers money by lowering the tax rate and revenue for 2015-2016. The new rate adopted by the board represents a 10 percent savings for taxpayers when compared to last year’s tax rate.

“Many of our board members wanted to make sure that we collect no more tax revenue from our Harris County taxpayers this year than we did last year,” said HCDE Board President Angie Chesnut. “As we continue to operate in a fiscally conservative manner, I’m proud that our board took action to both lower the tax rate and reduce the amount taxpayers will spend to support HCDE operations for the 2016 fiscal year.”

The tax decrease was proposed by HCDE Trustee Marvin Morris and adopted by the board of trustees at the September 15 meeting, setting HCDE’s tax rate at 0.005422 per $100 assessed property value. This rate is significantly below the effective tax rate and means the average homeowner with a $200,000 valued home (without any exemptions) will pay HCDE $10.84 in 2015-2016, a savings of more than one dollar.

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