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Groundbreaking Hispanic Millennials Research, First to Compare Multiple Ethnicities, to be Unveiled

Presentations on key research findings on Hispanic Millennial’s  attitudes, behaviors and preferences to be held in Houston and Dallas


Sensis Agency and ThinkNow Research



Presentation event and discussion of groundbreaking research on Hispanic Millennials



Houston, Amegy Bank, Downtown Houston, 1801 Main St, 11th floor



Houston -Thursday, April 30, 2015,  7:30 – 10:30 am.

*Research presentation to begin around 9:30

On Thursday, April 30th in Houston groundbreaking research will be unveiled on Hispanic Millennials.   The presentations will unveil key and original research offering a better understanding of Hispanic Millennials living in the United States.  Wave 4 of the Hispanic Millennial Project will explore retail and shopping behavior, preferences and behaviors associated with packaged goods brands including non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, eating habits and mobile usage as related to purchasing decisions.

The findings will present a better understanding of what influences purchasing behavior and how Hispanic Millennials compare to not only other ethnic Millennials, but also to older Hispanics. Like previous waves, the report looks to uncover points of tension, identify cultural nuances, and provide insights into ways that marketers can advertise to the segments in more culturally relevant ways.

The event are being co-sponsored by key partners such as the American Marketing Association of Houston.  Please visit for full schedule.

This is a “must attend” event for anyone looking to better understand and connect with the growing U.S. Hispanic market and to better understand the critical Millennial segment.

To register for the event in Houston, click here; for the Dallas event, register here, or call Karla Fernandez-Parker, Managing Director of Sensis-Texas at 210-389-3344 or email For more information about Sensis visit:, to learn more about the study or to download the reports,

For press interviews and inquiries, please contact: Romina Bongiovanni, Sensis Director of Earned Media at 213-341-0171 x 724 or cell 310-804-2173, email:

About Sensis: Sensis is an integrated cross-cultural advertising agency. The agency’s unique integrated model – fueled by ethnic insights – combines a cross-cultural approach to the general market with core digital capabilities. Agency clients include United Healthcare, the FDA, Union Bank, AARP, UCLA Extension, the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, Tadin Herb & Tea, and the National Guard. For more information, visit


About ThinkNow Research: ThinkNow Research provides innovative online market research solutions for companies looking to understand the U.S. Hispanic consumer.

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