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Former Board Chair of Houston Area Urban League receives most highly distinguished Humanitarian Award

Whitney M. Young Humanitarian Award Was Presented at Houston Area Urban League 45th Annual Gala to Darryl King, CEO of The Principle Partnering Group

With the mission to enable minorities to secure economic self-reliance, parity, power and civil rights, Houston Area Urban League (HAUL) honors one unique individual annually with the highly distinguished Whitney M. Young Humanitarian Award. The recent evening of Friday, June 21, 2013, at the 45th Annual Gala, HAUL presented this award to business mogul Darryl King, CEO of The Principle Partnering Group, for his commitment to cultivating long-term strategies towards the elimination of racism and economic injustice.

Like Whitney Young, Mr. King is renowned for his advocacy for the economically disadvantaged, small business entrepreneurs, minority communities, and his passion for working with diversity. As Chairman of the Board of the Houston Area Urban League 15 years ago, Mr. King helped purchase and renovate the agency’s Texas Avenue office in Downtown Houston and helped serve over 1000 unemployed Houstonians.  In addition he fostered and developed the highly valued racially and professionally diverse group of board members making HAUL one of the most distinguished National Urban League Affiliates in the country.

We are what we are today as black businesses in Houston because we got it then, we understood that it was not just jobs, like selling peanuts in a new stadium that we should pursue, it was building the stadium,” said Darryl King in his award speech. “It was the Urban League that initiated the 30% participation model. We simply copied Maynard Jackson when the New Hilton was proposed and we got the guarantee in writing from one of the competitors for the hotel. Ironically it was Judson Robinson, the CEO of today’s Urban League, who was Council Member that cast the final vote that won the hotel that included for the first time a guarantee of 30% participation.”

Still today Mr. King has quietly and consistently worked to open doors of opportunity for numerous businesses and organizations throughout the Houston area.  He works diligently with growing minority businesses, guiding them to be capable, competent, and qualified to have a fair share of the opportunities that are available.

The work is not done, today there are nearly 5 billion dollars worth of bond money for projects on the street, minority owned business have proven we capable, we are competent and we are qualified,” said King.

King is on a mission to change the model of success in minority communities to one of creating and building wealth from innovative ideas and contributions that not only leave a mark on the community and society in general, but also that create a legacy for one’s family for generations to come.

The mission of King’s company, The Principle Partnering Group, is to help companies of all sizes to establish, manage and maintain their successful business-to-business collaborations. More information about The PPG can be found at

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