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Elixir of Life. It Is Said To Be Here in Houston.

When you walk through the doors of Lucy Ethiopian Restaurant, you are not just walking into a popular eatery, but an opportunity. The brand comes from the world’s most famous early human ancestor and the first Australopithecus Afarensis skeleton which was found in Ethiopia. Like Lucy, coffee is another original treasure that was found in Ethiopia. It is a liquid gold that is now a billion dollar Industry in the United States but right in the heart of Texas you can leave the country without having a passport to partake in an extraordinary cultural experience. When you walk into the doors of Lucy’s Ethiopian Restaurant in Southwest Houston, the sights, smell and sounds are an epicurean’s dream.

The highlight of the dining experience is the Ethiopian coffee ceremony which is considered to be the most important social occasion in this culture. It is a sign of respect and friendship to be invited to a coffee ceremony and at Lucy’s everyone is invited. Guests at a ceremony are given an ultimate networking opportunity to discuss topics such as politics, community and even gossip. After the first round of coffee, there are typically two additional servings. The three servings are known as abol, tona and baraka. Each serving is progressively weaker than the first. Each cup is said to transform the spirit, and the third serving is considered to be a blessing on those who drink it. Regardless of the time of day or occasion or guests invited, the ceremony usually follows a distinct format, and usually last an hour and a half.

Lucy Ethiopian Restaurant is two years old and greatly contributes to Houston being an international city. The owner Suzani Grant was a refugee and landed in Houston at just the right time to infuse the African culture into the height of Houston’s diversity. In addition to the magical potion, the food is intoxicating. Special meals of lamb, chicken, lentils and vegetarian options are marinated in unique spices that encourage you to schedule standing appointments to return.

Mr.  Gezahegn Kebede, the Ethiopian Consulate in Houston, attended the ceremony on July 2, 2014 and acknowledged that the Restaurant is the epitome of what Ethiopia has to offer.

No matter if you looking for good food or great coffee, your bucket list is not complete without having experiencing Lucy’s.

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