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Congressman Al Green Sets Aside Time on Thanksgiving to Call the Families of Some Texas Troops He Met While in the Philippines

On Thanksgiving Day, November 28, 2013, Congressman Al Green set aside time to call the families of some Texas troops that were stationed on Leyte Island in the Philippines to express his admiration for their service and let family members know that their loved ones are doing well. Congressman Al Green met the troops while recently on a Congressional delegation trip to the Philippines, where he met with local leaders and surveyed the areas damaged by Supertyphoon Haiyan.

“Our troops have not only improved conditions but also in so doing saved lives,” Congressman Al Green said. One example of a rescue mission occurred while Congressman Al Green was onboard a C130 Transport from Leyte to Manila. A call was received indicating that a helicopter had gone down off the shore. The C130 was asked to search for the two persons who went down. Fortunately, they were able to spot the survivors, remain in the area, and provide information on their location, until a rescue vessel arrived. Prior to the arrival of the rescue vessel, the marines onboard the C130 dropped a life raft for the survivors.

This provided Congressman Al Green with an opportunity to see first-hand how quickly and effectively our assets can respond to a crisis. On the way over in the C130, Congressman Al Green had the honor of being on the flight deck commanded by Major Angel Hooper, who did an outstanding job supervising her co-pilot-in-training.

Congressman Al Green spoke with the families of ten marines, left messages for two others, and has three families left to contact. The families were all excited to hear from someone who had recently seen their loved ones serving well. They all expressed gratitude, joy, and at least one mom seemed to have expressed tears of joy.

“We all appreciate the hard-work and dedication of our brave men and women in uniform, who in the name of freedom go to distant places, risk their lives and limbs, and do not always return home the way they left,” Congressman Al Green said.  “Visiting with our troops and passing along a message to their families is the least I, as the representative of a grateful nation, can do to provide them some degree of comfort. I pray that all of our troops will return home safely.”


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