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Congressman Al Green Arrested While Protesting Inaction on Comprehensive Immigration Reform

On Tuesday, October 8, 2013, Congressman Al Green (TX-09) was the first of eight Members of Congress and at least 100 other individuals arrested several other in front of the Capitol while protesting the government’s inaction on reforming our nation’s immigration system. The protest march occurred after the Rally for Immigrant Dignity and Respect, which was attended by thousands showing their support for immigration reform.

Congressman Al Green and the other Members of Congress were informed that continued protesting, although peaceful and non-violent, would lead to their immediate arrest. Congressman Al Green as well as the other Members of Congress were then arrested taken to jail, and released following the payment of a fine.

“A misdemeanor charge is a penalty that I am willing to accept to raise awareness on the issue of immigration reform,” Congressman Al Green said. “Families are being torn apart and whole communities are plagued by uncertainty, and as a result are unable to live up to their full potential.”

Today’s protest underscored the need for action and the determination of many in Congress and in the immigrant community to bring about meaningful change in our nation’s immigration system.

“We must have comprehensive immigration reform, such that our national security is strengthened, as well as worker and wage protections improved for citizens and immigrants alike,” Congressman Al Green said. “The greatness of America resides in the fact that not all great Americans were born in America. The vitality, as well as the integrity of immigrant families, is not just important to immigrant communities, but important to the success and prosperity of our nation.”


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