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“Clearing the Cloud” for Small Businesses, A Panel Discussion Presented by The Indo-American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Houston

The term “Cloud” is a very ubiquitous one and means many things to different people.

In a current survey conducted by the IACCGH, more than 70% of small businesses said that they were not comfortable moving their business to cloud and over 65% of respondents would like to know how to use cloud to reduce their IT overhead costs.

The same survey also revealed that more than 75% of them don’t know where to start when it comes to moving or using the cloud for their businesses.

The most revealing part of the survey discovered that more than 90% of the respondents want more information or an educational seminar, which would educate and empower them about the cloud so that they can grow their business by leveraging the various advantages that cloud technologies now offer.

Attendees to this useful seminar received more information on what cloud is, what advantages it offers for small businesses and how you can get started to take advantage of the cloud space to grow their business.

The panel featured Dr. Arun Pasrija, President, CHR Solutions, Inc., Gaurav Khandelwal, CEO, ChaiONE, Pankaj Malani, Vice President, Unique Group of Companies, Sunsil Shenoy, Technical Partner Manager, Dell Inc.

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