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Chocolates, Cocktails and Compassion

An intimate holiday cocktail party to raise funds for its new Bee Busy Move Center which is a day facility which serves as a resource center and safe haven for homeless youth, particularly those who have been kicked out of home due to their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Last year, Bee Busy piloted the MOVE Project with a small group of young, African American gay men, training them as mentors.  The MOVE Project offered one-on-one training with young gay men who themselves were former homeless youth.

The evening will be a great way to start the holiday season – a time to give and help lessen the load of a teenager or young adult who has no where to turn and may even be contemplating suicide. Our donations will be some of the first seeds to help Norman Mitchell and Darcy Padgett, founders of Bee Busy, materialize their vision. Put your compassion in action, and enjoy an evening full of cuisine delights, cocktails, chocolate, classical music and spoken word.

As you are aware, despite the gains made for gay rights in recent years, homeless lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth have benefited little. Instead, their numbers on the streets have swelled, representing up to an estimated 40 percent of the nation’s young adult homeless population. In many cases, LGBT youth choose or are forced to leave home because their families don’t accept them. As you are aware, once homeless, they are exposed to the perils of street life: violence, survival sex, and, in some cases, HIV.

Together, we can help make the daily challenges include the search for food and a bed, and finding trusted friends on often-hostile streets a little easier through The MOVE Center.

Fundraiser for The MOVE Center. Bee Busy, Inc. is seeking $109,334 to provide full-time services at the Move Center.  Your support will enhance the services by affording Bee Busy Inc. the funding to hire two full-time and two part-time staff members to operate the MOVE Center, purchase refreshments and overhead expenses such as utilities and communications.  The full-time services will include job training, resume writing, computer classes, financial literacy and other basic life skills trainings that are considered the norm in a familial setting.  A warm meal will be offered to all clients, bathroom privileges, and washer/dryer services are also available.  Additionally, peer mentoring and support groups and referrals for long-term housing will make the MOVE Center a unique safe haven for GLBT youth.  Currently the Move Center is a day facility offering a meeting space, limited counseling and community mobilization activities in the Southwest Houston area.

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