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Our Image Film & Arts (OIFA), CSTEM, and Houston Museum of African American Culture (HMAAC) are the hosts.


An unforgettable and entertaining cocktail party celebrating all 5 of the senses. Cocktails, live performances, dancing (DJ music), a short film, Best Dressed contest, art works, and mingling with fellow art lovers.  Photo opportunities all evening.


Saturday, September 7, 2013, 7:30pm – 11:00pm

Doors open, 7:30pm

Entertainment program begins, 8:00pm


Houston Museum of African American Culture, 4807 Caroline St, Houston, TX 77004


3 non-profits:

Houston Museum of African American Culture ( )


Our Image Film & Arts ( )


These 3 non-profits have combined forces to celebrate the Arts in Houston with their supporters (old and new).  Guests will explore arts and culture in one of America’s hottest cities, and mingle and meet like-minded culture-seekers.  This cocktail party celebrates many of Houston’s multi-talented artists with the community, as well as serves as a fundraiser.

TICKETS: $30.00

or call 713-280-5225

About Houston Museum of African American Culture

The mission of the Houston Museum of African American Culture (HMAAC) is to collect, conserve, explore, interpret, and exhibit the material and intellectual culture of Africans and African Americans in Houston, the state of Texas, the southwest and the African Diaspora for current and future generations.

HMAAC seeks to invite and engage visitors of every race and background, and to inspire children of all ages through discovery-driven learning. HMAAC is a museum for all people. While our focus is the African American experience, our story in Texas informs and includes not only people of color, but people of all colors. As a result, the stories and exhibitions that HMAAC will bring to Texas are about the indisputable fact that while our experience is a unique one, it has been impacted by numerous races, genders and ethnicities.



CSTEM engages Pre K through 12th grade students in hands-on, project-based learning experiences that expose them to workforce opportunities in related areas of C-STEM. We enrich curriculum and instruction through integrated STEM learning experiences. The emphasis on hands-on, project-based learning supports teacher and student involvement in creative real-world problem-solving.


CSTEM integrated learning approach enhances instruction for 21st century students. CSTEM’s distinguishing factors from other STEM programs are (1) the integration of communication (literacy) in STEM as a factor to ensuring student success in math and science; (2) a curriculum influenced by STEM industry professionals; (3) a unique framework of creating collaborative P-12 pipelines; (4) built-in supports with STEM teacher training and supplemental workshops; (5) innovative STEM instructional tools and resources provided to schools, and (6) a competitive environment that supports high performance and accountability of both teachers and students.


About Our Image Film and Arts

Our Image Film and Arts is a film, music, and theatre curator of positive works of art about and by underrepresented ethnic groups.  We promote and support the creation of non-stereotypical, honest, cutting-edge, thought-provoking depictions of Black communities, as well as other ethnic communities.  By providing a venue for film and art emphasizing this rich cultural diversity, we facilitate open, educational discussions amongst diverse populations.  Through these works of art and opportunities for dialogue, Our Image Film and Arts Organization brings cultures together and reminds us that our basic human struggles, needs, and desires are what binds all mankind


Monie Henderson


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