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Rep. Sylvester Turner Named Texas House MVP By Capitol Inside

State Representative Sylvester Turner has been named the Most Valuable Player in the Texas House during its recent session by Capitol Inside.

The Austin-based website said that, in a competition that wasn’t even close, Turner “arguably emerged as the regular session’s true superstar on the wings of an extraordinary performance…”  Further, Capitol Inside said Turner delivered “what very well might have been the greatest performance by a state legislator on either side of the aisle in modern Texas history.”

For Rep. Turner, it’s all about the people who will benefit from approved legislation.

“This was an excellent session for the people of Texas’” said Rep. Turner.  “We saw an unprecedented emphasis on mental health and mental disabilities with more than $250 million in additional funding.  Most of the funding for our public schools was restored.  And Democrats provided the necessary votes to implement a statewide water plan. Low-income customers and seniors will significantly benefit from a fund dedicated to lower their monthly electric utility bills.  As Vice-Chair of the Appropriations Committee, I was honored to join others to deliver positive results for Texas.”

Capitol Inside pointed out that “Turner played his encore opportunity to perfection when he temporarily withdrew his make-or-break support for the budget compromise at the last minute after the Senate inserted what he perceived as a stick of dynamite into a supplemental spending bill that contained the funding for future water needs and public school money that had been the Democrats’ top priority from day one.  The budget would pass over Turner’s dead body before he’d go along with the Senate amendment that would have drained a utility assistance fund for low-income Texans that Turner had made sermons about on the floor as its self-appointed guardian and defender.  Turner’s opposition alone in the 11th hour wouldn’t have been fatal for a dedicated funds measure that had to pass to keep the entire budget compromise from going down the drain.  But the House Democrats were ready and willing to go at that point where Turner would lead them – and that forced Republicans to come up with a compromise that Turner saw as one of the biggest victories in a long and now legendary political career.”

The website concluded “By the time the curtain fell on the regular session, nothing of major significance had passed without Turner’s personal approval.  Very few Texas lawmakers have ever had that kind of impact when they were members of the majority party.  The prospects for a member of the minority party wielding that level of clout had simply been unfathomable…”

Rep. Turner was first elected to represent Northwest Houston’s District 139 in 1988, a district that included the Acres Homes community where he grew up.

Capitol Inside is a non-partisan website that provides news and information about Texans who run government and what they are doing to lead.



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