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Lead Strategist Jeri Brooks Appointed to ReBuild Houston Advisory Committee

Houston-based strategic communications firm owner, Jeri Brooks has been appointed to the ReBuild Houston Advisory Committee.  Brooks, a Mayor Annise Parker appointment will serve in position seven.  ReBuild Houston is the voter approved pay- as-you-go streets and drainage improvement project.

As an active pillar in the City of Houston, Brooks hopes to increase community awareness and understanding of the ReBuild Houston initiatives. “Infrastructure development is important to a community because it creates jobs and will provide a long term sustainable solution to Houston’s deteriorating street and drainage system. I am proud to be apart of that,” Brooks stated.

Brooks will bring along with her 20 plus years of experience in public relations, public engagement and a commitment to helping make Houston a better place.  In 2012, Brooks and her team were acknowledged by the State of Texas Office of the Governor and Texas Workforce Commission for “Best Practices-Business Skill” and “Model for Business Skill Use.”

“Jeri has served as my Strategist through my term as Chairman,” states Theldon Branch, former ReBuild Houston Oversight Committee Chairman.  “She will bring a working knowledge of the program and a sincere commitment to increasing public awareness, exactly the type of direction that the Committee needs.”

ReBuild Houston was created as the result of Houston voters approving Proposition One on November 2, 2010.  The proposition directed the City’s Charter to “be amended to provide for the enhancement, improvement and ongoing renewal of Houston’s streets and drainage by creating a dedicated pay-as-you-go fund for streets and drainage.”

The program will implement a 10-year business plan that will significantly decrease the $1.7 billion debt the City of Houston has incurred, consequently increasing the funds available for future initiatives. ReBuild Houston will help reduce street flooding, improve mobility and reduce structural flooding, ultimately meaning, “Better Streets, Better Drainage.”

Source: City of Houston, ReBuild Houston website

One World Strategy Group, LLC (One World) is a Houston-based strategic communications firm, founded by Jeri Brooks in 2004, that offers public relations, public affairs and public engagement services to their clients. You can find more information on Jeri Brooks and her firm at


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