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Amerigroup Partners with The Rose to Provide Free Mammograms in Houston

Most insurance and health care related businesses would agree that providing preventative care for its members is good for the bottom line. These days, many companies passively offer information to those willing to seek it out. Amerigroup is one of few companies reaching beyond. They have taken a step beyond passive pamphlet pushing, and are implementing an active approach to inform and bring awareness. Amerigroup is also reaching past servicing it’s own members by directly impacting the community. The company offers free tips on everything from tackling Diabetes to healthy eating. Another particular initiative is contributing even more to the community.

In partnership with The Rose, a Non-profit focused on diagnosis and care for women, Amerigroup is providing mammograms in Houston. The goal is to serve those most affected by breast cancer. African American women, who have much lower survival rates, are being especially encouraged to participate. Pop-up style events equipped with full mammogram capability for those who register, and resources and information for anyone who stops by, are making sure that the black community in particular has access to the early detection that helps save lives.

South Park Baptist Church has joined with Amerigroup as one of the locations offering mammograms. This Wednesday, NewsWireHouston attended one of the events to see how people were being helped. We spoke with Pastor Marvin Delaney who has a personal appreciation for the program. Pastor Delaney explained that his mother had breast cancer, and through early detection doctors were able to “arrest the problem”. Amerigroup is engaging many communities with The Rose in the near future to continue with this free health initiative.

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