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Fast Lane Open to Arriving International Travelers

HOUSTON – U.S. Customs and Border Protection together with the Houston Airport System would like to announce the completion of construction permitting international travelers with carry-on luggage only to use a single inspection processing location.

“CBP’s One-Stop service allows international travelers without checked luggage to depart the federal inspection service immediately after completing their inspection,” said CBP Service Port Director Terry L. Estell. “This pilot program has saved both the traveler and our CBP officers time as they are not required to be inspected a second time prior to leaving the CBP area.”

WHO: CBP and HAS would like to publicize the One-Stop Service available to international travelers arriving to or transiting through George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

WHEN: 9 a.m., November 29, 2012.

WHERE: George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Federal Inspection Service.

“Houston is pleased to partner with CBP to offer One-Stop to our interntional passengers as we strive to improve efficiencies in the processing of arriving international flights,” said Mario C. Diaz, Houston Airport System Director. “By serving the public with One-Stop, we enhance the customer experience. As a leading international gateway in the Americas, Bush Intercontinental seeks innovations such as One-Stop to continue our legacy as a Model Port.”

Note: Media interested in covering this event, will need to provide detailed information 24 hours in advance to Yolanda Choates before obtaining access to the secured area. Media will meet in the Terminal E International Arrivals waiting area. Media also are asked to contact the Houston Airport System media line to get clearance by calling 281-233-1234.


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