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SCLC Commends Multi-Billion BP Settlement for “Poor People”; Calls For More!

“Dr. King’s nonviolent strategy paid off against BP, but it’s not over yet,” -Dr. Bernard LaFayette, Jr., SCLC Board Chairman

Who: Dr. Bernard LaFayette, Jr., SCLC Chair; Charles Steele, SCLC CEO and Art Rocker, SCLC Florida Chair and Chairman of SCLC’s spinoff Operation People for Peace

What: A news conference to discuss the BP settlement and SCLC’s role and Art Rocker’s leadership in securing billions of dollars in settlement relief for minority and disadvantaged Gulf Coast victims.

“The civil rights battle for economic justice against BP is far from over,” opines Rocker.

Where: SCLC National Headquarters, 320 Auburn Avenue, Atlanta 30303

When: Tuesday, November 20, 2012 at 11 a

Why: SCLC Chairman Dr. Bernard LaFayette commends BP for the billions it has committed thus far to the poor, but is quick to cite the need for even more economic aid.

“SCLC’s purpose is to fight for and change the conditions of poor people, the underserved, the oppressed and the exploited,” explains LaFayette, who trains and educates people worldwide on ‘Kingian’ nonviolence. “The results that we’ve gotten from BP came from the nonviolent direct action and mobilization, and continuing to press the issue. It shows people that if you follow the strategy espoused by Dr. King you can achieve the desired results. So the decision has been made to honor the claims.

“Art has demonstrated what the results can be if you don’t give up,” the chairman continues. “He stayed on the case in the tradition of SCLC. I asked him to do that. Still, there’s more to be done to help people re-tool their lives.”


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