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Congressman Al Green’s Statement on Veterans’ Day

“We are the land of the free because of the sacrifices of our brave troops. This Veterans’ Day, all Americans should reflect upon the priceless freedoms we possess thanks to our brave troops, who in the name of freedom go to distant places, risk their lives and limbs, and do not always return home the way they left. When it comes to our brave troops, we must be as committed to them in peace as we are committed to them in war. If we can marshal the resources to put them in harm’s way, we must marshal the resources to provide them:
• good jobs,
• better housing,
• and the best healthcare available when they come home.
This is the least a grateful nation can do.”

Michael Mouton (Press Assistant)
Office Phone: (202) 225-7508
Cell Phone: (202) 680-4690

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