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The League of Women Voters of Houston Education Fund Continues its On-the-Spot Voter Registration Service for New Citizens at Houston Area Naturalization Ceremonies

Nearly 14,000 new registrations since January 2012

The League of Women Voters of Houston Education Fund is pleased to report that our on-the-spot Voter Registration Service at monthly Houston Area Naturalization Ceremonies continues. From January through September 2012, we registered over 13,800 new Americans within minutes of their oath, about 82% of those freshly eligible.

We offer this service as a convenience of course, but also as part of the celebration of the day. What finer way to affirm one’s new status as a citizen of the United States of America than to register to vote, to embrace one’s right to be fully a part of our great national conversation.

We wish to thank the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services for allowing us to be present, and the office of the Harris County Tax Assessor/Collector and Voter Registrar for the staff support required to make this comprehensive program possible.

A recent lawsuit (LULAC v Harris County, 10/11/12) referenced our on-the-spot Voter Registration Service and some may read that lawsuit as suggesting that this program was diminished. In fact, our program has continued without interruption. We are very glad to report that we continue to have the honor and privilege of welcoming so many individuals first to citizenship and then to the electorate.

The League of Women Voters of the Houston Area is a non-partisan political organization which works to promote civic responsibility through informed and active participation in government.

Christina Gorczynski, Executive Director
Office: 713-784-2923

Linda W. Cohn, President
Office: 713-784-2923
Mobile: 713-898-7971

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