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The Women Contractors Association has endorsed the three bond elections and the Metro referendum on the upcoming November 6 ballot.

The Women Contractors Association has endorsed the three bond elections and the Metro referendum on the upcoming November 6 ballot.

WCA is lending its support to City of Houston Bonds, the Houston Independent School District Bonds and the Houston Community College Bonds and the referendum on Metro continuing the General Mobility Plan.

“A great city has good public safety and amenities like parks, it has good public and higher education and good transportation,” said Lianne Lami, CEO of Bocci Engineering. “The members of WCA believe all these propositions make Houston a better city in which to raise a family and be successful in business. We enthusiastically support these measures and urge voters to go to the end of the ballot and vote for them.”

The City of Houston is asking for $410 million in bonds. The bonds will fund public safety, libraries, parks, demolition of dangerous apartment complexes, renovations to recycling facilities and repairs to city buildings. It is the smallest bond election in the past 15 years and will require no tax increase. Up to 12,000 local jobs will be created.

HISD is asking voters to approve a $1.89 billion dollar bond election. The average age of a high school in HISD is 50 years. This proposal will rebuild, repair and renovate 28 high schools, build 3 new elementaries, complete or build 2 middle schools, convert 5 elementaries to K through 8 plus provide for technology, safety and athletic facility upgrades and renovations of middle school restrooms. The bond will require a tax increase of 4.85 cents spread over five years, costing the owner of an average home in HISD about $70 when the full rate increase is in effect. Seniors will see no tax increase.

Houston Community College is seeking $425 million in bond funds. The expectations of the college continue to rise and the demand for HCC’s services and collaboration far outpace its current infrastructure and resources. Since 2007, the college has grown by 40% and is currently operating at 92% capacity. As enrollment continues to increase with the area’s population growth, HCC must grow and expand to meet the expected demand. The college needs additional buildings to keep up with that growth.

The Metro referendum does three things: continues the current road-building program, improves the bus system and pays down Metro’s debt. Under this plan, new money coming to Metro must be used for these three projects, not rail. No taxes will be increased. If the referendum fails, local governments will suffer a large blow to their budgets.

As leaders in our industry, the members of the Women Contractors Association are committed to the advancement of women in the construction arena through education, support and networking. The WCA is not satisfied with the status quo of acceptance of women within the construction industry. To make an impact, we are committed to promoting women in leadership roles, educating outsiders about the successful role of women in the industry and creating strong role models, mentors and leaders for future women to enter the construction arena.

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