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Domestic Violence Does Not Discriminate

HOUSTON – October is Domestic Violence Month and La Rosa Family Services is at the forefront of acknowledging this travesty. But with acknowledgment comes counseling and awareness for victims and abusers to move towards acceptance of a problem, then hopefully a resolution.

La Rosa Family Services is committed to serving ALL domestic violence victims. There is counseling for female, male, GLBT and teen victims.

The importance of sharing the message of domestic violence and its crippling affect on victims and abusers is showcased through the “Black and Blue Art Show”. This art show is the first of its kind, the art is done by actual domestic violence victims and lends its focus to the visual aspect of domestic violence. While the recreations are very graphic and disturbing, its visual impact leaves an emotional impression that creates the flow of acknowledgment of the emotional, mental and physical abuse of the victim.

La Rosa Family Services is asking for media support to help spread awareness of domestic violence for the month of October. Victims who are going through this abuse need to know that there is help and that they are not alone. Abusers need to be made aware of their actions and that they too need help. La Rosa Family Services is here to assist these people.

Please feel free to contact us for interviews or to see the “Black and Blue Art Show” in person. We would be happy to bring the art pieces to your location.

We have also attached several pieces from the show

Black and Blue Art ShowOctober 26 and 27th
War house Art Gallery
4715 Main St Houston 77002

Media Contacts:
Director of Counseling
Clara Rivers, 713-428-1856,
Men’s Lead Counselor
Lee Scheidler, Houston, TX,
281-739-7206 (cell)

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