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SEARCH Homeless Services is Houston’s Leader in Innovative Approaches to Transition the Homeless to the Hopeful

SEARCH Homeless Services (SEARCH) is one of few organizations in the Houston area with a mission to stabilize the homeless, meet them where they are in life and provide the needed support and education that enables the homeless to be self-sufficient, employed and off of the street. SEARCH has an innovative approach of delivering services to the total person, from the inside out.

 “At SEARCH, we are committed to providing quality services to our program participants,” says SEARCH President and CEO, Thao Costis. “To truly help those that are experiencing homelessness, it involves first helping the individual see that he or she is worthy of positive change and that success is possible for them. Many who find themselves homeless have lost hope. Once we help the participant make the inward shift, we then work on the tangible results.”

SEARCH delivers its innovative approaches through the support of an army of volunteers, staff and community partners like Houston’s Voice, a video and interactive media network dedicated to helping entities accomplish its mission. SEARCH programming on Houston’s Voice gives audiences a closer look at the organization and reinforces the reasons why SEARCH is important to Houston economically and socially.

“We are grateful to all of our partners,” said Costis. “Houston’s Voice helps to tell our story to a broader audience, thereby increasing our opportunities to connect with critical resources to accomplish our mission.”

About SEARCH Homeless Services

SEARCH works to engage, stabilize, educate, employ and gain housing for individuals and families who are homeless. The organization’s essential services are highly effective in transforming lives because they meet individuals where they are and provide the needed services to get back on their feet. For more details, visit SEARCH. SEARCH’s Houston’s Voice channel may be accessed here.

About Houston’s Voice

Houston’s Voice is a hyper-local, community driven video and interactive media network dedicated to supporting the creative efforts of the personalities, businesses and organizations that make Houston great. From a desk top or mobile device, viewers may access and interact with original content specific to Houston in the categories of education, business, faith, leisure, youth, arts, sports, food and beverage, and community. For more information or to become a Content Partner, visit Houston’s Voice.


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