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St. Rep. Sylvester Turner Endorses HISD Bonds

Statement from St. Representative Sylvester Turner:

“I believe the HISD Bond proposal is a significant step forward for our children and their future. My endorsement is based on my being convinced that this program would meet three requirements: meeting the academic needs of our children; ensuring that the schools being rebuilt or renovated are competitive with other schools in the area; and building new facilities that will be sustainable over the next two to three decades. I have had detailed discussions with the Superintendent and his staff and I am convinced that this bond proposal will create schools that will be an asset to their neighborhoods, schools that will draw in kids and keep them in their local communities, schools that their parents will be proud to have them attend. As I was critical when I believed the previous bond proposal did not meet our children’s needs, I believe I have a corresponding responsibility to step up and say that this HISD Bond proposal is in the best interests of our kids and I urge everyone to vote for the bonds.”

The HISD Bond $1.89 billion proposal will rebuild or renovate 28 high schools, build three new elementary schools, replace or complete two middle schools and convert five elementary schools to K-8 campuses. It will also provide funding for improvements to technology, athletic facilities, safety and security district-wide and renovate bathrooms in middle schools.

Sue Davis

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