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Belize Officials Meet with Leading Businessmen in Houston to Establish Strategic Partnerships

On August 15, 2012, four (4) members of Belize’s Parliament and two (2) Town Mayors visited Houston to improve the links between Houston and Belize, and to gain a better understanding of each other’s economic growth and business opportunities.

Leading the delegation is members of Belize’s Parliament representing the Toledo District; Hon. Michael Espat, Hon. Oscar Roquena, and Mayor of Punta Gorda Town, Hon. Anthony Fuentes (photo unavailable), Toledo. They are joined by two other Members of Belize’s Parliament representing the Stann Creek District; Hon. Rodwell Ferguson and Hon. Ivan Ramos, and Mayor of Dangriga Town, Hon. Gilbert Swaso (photo unavailable), Stann Creek. The two districts have established a joint community and business purpose in their visit to Houston.

The delegation met with local firms such as Quality Hospitality Travel, a company founded by Darryl King, sponsored a private luncheon on Thursday, August 16,  at a disclosed location to discuss business opportunities and the upcoming launch of, a website Mr. King says will assist many in scheduling trips to Belize.

“We look forward to building stronger relationships with the delegates from Belize,” said Darryl King.  “Both countries have much to share with each other and there will be great mutual benefit for all parties.”

Maria Lugo, Travel Advisor for Quality Hospitality Travel states,  “The world is smaller due to technology; with our new website, travel to Belize will be much easier to coordinate.”

The combined delegation from the Toledo and Stann Creek Districts chose Houston as a partner to share resources and community and business opportunities.

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