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Unlock Publishing House, Inc. Presents a New Book by Angela Thornton

Unlock Publishing House, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Unlocked: Keys for Godly Living, the first book by Bible teacher and Christian blogger, Angela Thornton. Unlocked explores the biblical foundational truths that must undergird the life of every Christian who is striving for maturity and fruitfulness for God. It is an encouragement to pursue righteousness and the liberty it brings by faith and obedience.

“To unlock a thing is to gain unfettered access to what lies behind the door. In Unlocked Keys for Godly Living, Angela Thornton gives the reader insight and revelation on how to successfully navigate the road to living a godly life,” says her pastor of more than 20 years, Archbishop Alfred A. Owens, Jr. presiding prelate of the Mt. Calvary Holy Church of America, Inc.

An internationally renowned theologian, Bishop Owens says, “She clearly and simply dissects ‘keys’ found throughout the Bible in short and powerful devotionals that encourage and empower you to seek God’s will and His way.”

Unlocked is a dynamic glossary of terms, ideas, phrases, and concepts that must become an essential part of the vernacular and vision of the successful, 21st century Christian. In an increasingly lawless and morally ambiguous world, Unlocked offers the careful reader a set of scripturally based values that model how we should relate to God and to each other in our daily Christian walk. These insights are sure to empower you.

Angela Thornton is the creator of Wise Word Live, an online devotional. Her blog entries and Bible studies are read and enjoyed by thousands each week. She is a contributing writer to Blessed Life Magazine. She and her husband Daniel have ministered to youth and young adults for over 20 years. They live in Washington, DC and serve in ministry at the Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church.

Angela is a woman of many talents and is also the proprietor of Jubilee Cakes. Unlocked: Keys for Godly Living is available on http//, and will be coming soon to http//

Angela Thornton,

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