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The Passing of Reverend JJ Roberson: Civil Rights Leader

Houston, TX – Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee released the following statement regarding the passing of Reverend JJ Roberson:

“We have lost a real champion for Civil Rights and the vulnerable in Houston and in Texas in the loss of Reverend JJ Roberson. Whenever there was an indignity or violation and undermining of the Civil Rights of Houstonians and Texans, Rev. JJ Roberson was at the front of the fight.

He led as President and Moderator of the Baptist Ministers Association of Houston and Vicinity and they provided the power, on behalf of the African American community and others, to fight against a series of injustices and desperate treatment that occurred in the community during his leadership.

“We have lost a vital light and uncompromising spirit that has changed lives, stood by those who were accused unfairly and commanded attention from elected officials from the White House to the State House to local government and he will be forever remembered and without question continuously missed.

“The Reverend Dr. Johnnie Jeffery Roberson was very important to the Mt. Hebron Missionary Baptist Church, the Community, and the City of Houston. Thru the leadership of Rev. Robertson Mt. Hebron Missionary Baptist Church played a significant role in the lives of many in this community.

“I have been friends with and known Revered Dr. J. J. Roberson and his wonderful wife Elouise Jackson Roberson for many many years. Many of us grew up civically and politically thru his leadership and guidance. In fact, many of us may not remember a time in which the Church and Reverend Roberson were not a part of your lives. Reverend Roberson was at the helm of Mt. Hebron Missionary Baptist Church for over 45 years, having founded the Church in 1958.

In 1961, Reverend Roberson had raised enough funds to build the Church’s building and sanctuary. Just three short years later, in 1964, the Church’s membership had expanded so much that an additional building was necessary to serve all those who looked to Reverend Roberson and the Church for Spiritual fulfillment.

“While managing the Church, Reverend Roberson was always available to talk to his members and guide them during difficult times. He was always available to be a good friend. His good works have touched many in this community, and have lifted many to seek a better life for themselves and their children.

He cared about our youth and spearheaded the building of the Churches Family Life Building. I was honored to be present for the opening of that building.

“Reverend Roberson always spoke eloquently about his relationship with God, stating that his philosophy of life embraces his mission to put God first in his life, serving Him with all his heart and soul, and serving his fellowman. Reverend Roberson’s work and dedication to this community is unsurpassed.

In the last two weeks I visited Rev. Roberson in his home and it was so good to talk to him and his wife and experience their unbreakable love for each other. I left that visit with a sense of humbling peace. His guidance will live on and continue to inspire the Church and its members to continue to develop and further their own relationship with God.”


Michael McQuerry
(202) 225-3816

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