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Occupy Wall Street: Houston Stands in Solidarity with Houston Janitors

HOUSTON, TX. – Since 2009 Houston, which already had its fair share of millionaires, has been sprouting new millionaires at a faster per capita rate than any other city in America. Houston’s janitors make only $8.35 per hour, and they frequently are offered only 4-6 hours of work per day. OWSH will be with them at Tranquility Park on Thursday, June 21, at 4PM as they raise their voices against this carefully engineered and deliberately continued economic injustice.

$9,000 per year is not a living wage, and the Millionaire City can afford to do better than that. In fact, we can’t afford NOT to do better. Our greatest resource is our people, and when we abuse that resource—when we deny them the means to earn a living with honest work for honest pay—Houston weakens. Our janitors work hard to clean Houston’s offices and hallways. They make business in this city possible.

Occupy Wall Street: Houston is proud to stand with the janitors that are part of Houston’s bedrock. We join worker communities around the nation and throughout the world who have voiced their support for the struggle. We hope that our media will introduce their plight to the broader public, so that people can decide for themselves whether it is fair for companies with huge profit margins and stratospheric officer salaries to support poverty wages for their janitors.

Amy Price

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