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Choices Book Signing with Author Martha Kennerson at National Black Book Festival

Local Houston author Martha Kennerson, writes a gripping new novel about survival titled Choices.

While Choices has elements of a steamy romance, it’s a cautionary tale that takes a look at what can happen when love doesn’t turn out the way we expect and what happens when we refuse to deal with the pain of loss.

“You can’t hide from your emotions – especially pain.  When you don’t deal with those feelings, they’ll manifest themselves in ways you’ve never dreamed possible. While there are some things you can never get over, you can get through them.” – Martha Kennerson

Choices is a novel about irrevocable love, unbridled passion, devastating loss, a horrific act of violence and survival! While some may find this story and the choices highlighted to be extreme, it’s a fictional version of actual events.

Choices is available at most on-line retailers; Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, ITunes, etc. and should be in local retail stores by the end of the year. Sometimes we need a little help “getting through.” RAINN (Rape Abuse & Incest National Network) is one organization that can provide that needed help. In an effort to assist this worthy organization to continue proving some much needed services, Martha will donate $1 for each copy – hard, soft or eBook – sold.

Click on the link below to buy a copy. Requests for appearances or to reach Martha Kennerson, please contact her Publicity Coordinator:

Ms. Brittney Alexander


Phone: 512-944-0514

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