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Rights Leader Responds to President Obama’s Personal Opinion Concerning, ‘Gay People Should Be Able to Get Married’

Pensacola, FL (May 29, 2012)– “I am a supporter of the President for the work he has done; however, I do have a concern regarding his recent statement. We have never considered anyone’s personal opinion in the commandment “Thou shall not kill,” only how killing destroys lives and families and is against God’s commandment. We must consider the fact that in our communities, the Black Church and the Black Woman are the pillars of the Black Community.

Both the Black Church and the Black Woman are the threads of the fabrics that hold our culture and our beliefs together; they are the rocks of the Black Community. Our culture and the livelihood of our communities already have significant and fragile lives. Particularly fragile, in the homes where the Black man is not present in the woman’s life. Overall, the black church is the backbone of our communities.” states Art Rocker

Rocker continues, “We know the church does not need us, but we need the church. We also note, black women have survived and prevailed throughout all of the challenges they have had with black men and families. However, now we do not need this personal opinion in further separation of families in our communities and our culture.”

“We have won all of our uprising on prayer, faithfulness and grace day by day for this industry; the Black church and the Black woman. But for this issue to be placed at a time of lack of jobs, lack of hope, and lack of a prevailing education system, is just creating another issue in the black family; all combined killing the aspirations of Black Children. The churches of our community that were built with nickels, dimes, and quarters, are now having the most difficult time sustaining financially after incurring multiple challenges including the alarming rate of black men incarcerated and away from the home. Additionally, minorities hold the highest rate for unemployment and the highest rate of broken homes.”

“Is there a need for the President to discuss his personal belief that two men should be able to get married? I honestly believe Mr. President could make a better assessment of a personal opinion reflecting on how Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi walked and protested peacefully concerning injustice that was not based on personal opinion but fact dealing with true human rights and civil rights. Although I still support President Barack Obama, I do not support any personal opinion that destroys the institution and sustainability of the Black Woman or the Black Church.” Art Rocker

For additional information on Florida SCLC, please visit or contact,

Jessica Donahue, P: 404-840-6764

Operation People for Peace, Inc.
Art Rocker – Chairman/ Facilitator
6919 Pensacola Blvd.
Pensacola, FL 32505
C: 850-450-1982


Art Rocker, Sr.

R. L. Gundy

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