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Press Conference April 2: Launch of intensive effort to gain 35,000 college degrees in the Houston region by summer 2013

Making College Degrees Count
Local Public Campaign Launches Massive Education Effort in the Houston region

What: Press Conference to launch, an intensive effort to gain 35,000 college degrees in the Houston region by summer 2013.

Who: Center for Houston’s Future, CEOs for Cities, the Honorable Annise D. Parker, Houston Texan Fullback James Casey, Rapper Baby Jay, with leaders from Houston area community colleges, universities, ISDs and nonprofits.

When: Monday, April 2, 2012, 6:00pm – 6:30pm

Where: Hilton Post Oak Hotel (2001 Post Oak Blvd Houston, TX 77056)

Why: The Center for Houston’s Future is competing against 57 other major cities for the greatest increase in its 2 and 4-year college graduation rate – the goal is to raise it by at least 1%.

· A 1% increase in graduation rates = $4.2 billion in additional annual personal revenue for the Houston region.

· Higher graduation rates benefit not only the economy, but the civic infrastructure of a city (voting, public safety, quality of place, etc.) and the health of its people.

· Estimates project that there will be as many as 62,000 new jobs in education, nursing and STEM careers in the next four years. However, the region’s higher education institutions are not producing enough qualified graduates to meet this demand. ¹

· While just 4.3% of Americans with four-year degrees are unemployed, 15% of those without a high school diploma currently do not have a job. ²

· The likelihood that children go to college increases if at least one parent has gone to college. ³

· An individual will make about 84% more over his/her lifetime with a Bachelor’s degree than with only a high school degree.⁴

¹ FSG Social Impact Consultants
² Bureau of Labor Statistics, July 2011
³ National Center for Education Statistics, 2001
⁴ 20

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