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Rep. Thompson Re-Affirms Her Support For North Forest School District

State Representative Senfronia Thompson of District 141 today re-affirmed her support for the North Forest Independent School District to remain open.

The Texas Education Commission has ordered NFISD to merge with the Houston School District on July 1, 2012, but North Forest is fighting to stay open. A hearing will be held in Austin tomorrow as part of the appeals process where North Forest representatives will present their case to remain open.

“North Forest’s Board of Trustees and superintendent are working hard to turn around their district,” said Thompson. “Their Project Transformation at North Forest High School will ensure better grades and graduation rates. Students are responding. The administration is addressing financial problems; the district’s audit was turned in to the state on time for the first time in three years. The district has taken steps to balance the budget and even has a fund balance.

“The question you have to ask is whether North Forest students would be better off if the district is merged with HISD? HISD is already one of the largest school districts in the country. Would adding another 7,300 students to an over-burdened district with its own problems be in the best interests of North Forest students?”

“North Forest is asking the TEA to give it two years to turn around its problems itself,” said Thompson. “North Forest students, parents, teachers and administrators deserve the chance to prove themselves.”

Sue Davis

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