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East End To Receive Artistic Street Works For Pedestrians

A “Dream Team” of famous public works artists will transform the East End of Houston with colorful, bright, clever, and engaging iconic works of functional art. The group made up of Gary Sweeny, Anthony Thompson Shumate, MetaLab, and the Art Guys, Michael Galbreth and Jack Massing will combine aesthetics and history with social commentary to create pieces of art for pedestrians. These artists have been commissioned by The Greater East End Management District to create iconic compositions germane to the historic cradle of Houston.

The Greater East End Management District will create and maintain neighborhood streetscape projects along Navigation, Sampson and York Streets. These creative improvements will promote the common good and support the underserved community in the East End. The specific projects include information kiosks and market booths. Solar pedestrian lighting, benches, and bus shelters are also included. These street improvements are expected to develop and encourage pedestrian transit activities and tourism to the East End.

The master plan for these unique improvements is monetized and managed by the Greater East End Management District. The East End Improvement Corporation is the recipient of the Creative Economy Project Grant and is partnering with the Greater East End Management District for this project. This grant is funded by the City of Houston through the Houston Arts Alliance.

Lead Artist Shumate commented on what he expects to produce. “If you are an art patron, and love art history, you will connect with the references that I create through my work. I want people from all walks of life to connect to the work in some way. They should connect with the aesthetics, the read, the intellectual concepts, or see the historic plays in my work.”

The work begins this month with the first phase scheduled to be unveiled by summer with the rest to follow the beautification schedule of the Greater East End Management District.

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