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Darryl King, CEO of The Principle Partnering Group, Making Pathways For Others to Our Country’s Greatest Wealth and Legacy-Building Foundation… Entrepreneurship

Photography by Rhonda Meredith |

Two Houston Entrepreneurs Mentored by King were Finalists at the 17th Annual Pinnacle Awards Gala at Hilton Americas Along with Him

With the mission to spotlight and honor African American businesses that have achieved success by combining vision, determination, perseverance and dedication to building successful businesses and strong communities, the Pinnacle Awards most closely represent “the pinnacle” of success to most Houston-area black-owned companies.

To Darryl King, The Principle Partnering Group, LLC (The PPG), the strategic relationship management firm he built with his business partner, Karen Bacerra, a dedicated Hispanic community activist, being a finalist for the Pinnacle Award was extremely gratifying primarily because what The PPG does is help other small business owners and minority entrepreneurs become successful.

On Friday night, the award King was most proud of was sharing the stage with two entrepreneurs King helped to reach that pinnacle through his dedicated Mentor/Protégé Program – Paul Cannings, Jr., principal of RPH Consulting Group who was also a finalist for the Pinnacle Award and John Preston, chief marketing officer of Global Momentum Construction who was a finalist for the Mack H. Hannah Upstart Business Award.

“Black entrepreneurship is tough,” said King. “Our historically black colleges have done a great job educating black lawyers, doctors and other professionals, but there are few resources and opportunities for our community to gain entry into our country’s greatest wealth and legacy-building foundation, which is entrepreneurship.”

King is on a mission to change the model of success in the black community from merely music, sports and traditional corporate roles to one of creating and building wealth from innovative ideas and contributions that not only leave a mark on the community and society in general, but also that create a legacy for one’s family for generations to come.

The mission of The PPG is to help companies of all sizes to establish, manage and maintain their successful business-to-business collaborations. In 2008, The PPG consulted with fledgling entrepreneur Paul Cannings, Jr. who had the great idea of integrating technology requirements into commercial architectural design in the planning stages, rather than costly retrofitting at the construction stage, saving the clients considerable time and money.

“State Representative Sylvester Turner called me and asked me to meet with what he described as a really smart fella and asked me to take him under my wing. When I first met with Paul, I knew he had an extremely viable new business opportunity, but he needed key resources from us to help frame it and connect him with industry influencers to open the right doors,” said King. “After a ground-breaking meeting in Chicago, Cannings was on his way to building, in a few short years, a $10 million company with clients such as Texas A&M, Marathon Oil, and the Port of Houston, and what I predict will be one of the most successful entrepreneurial stories in recent history.”

One of only three other companies to become a finalist for the 2011 Mack H. Hannah Upstart Business Award is John Preston, chief marketing officer of Global Momentum Construction, another King and Bercerra protégé, who after 23 years in the petrochemical industry with Shell and Total Petrochemical, started the business with three partners who Preston describes as all fitting like pieces of a puzzle.

Global Momentum is a commercial construction management firm specializing in concrete, underground utilities and interior build-outs. The impetus for the company came after Preston was involved in major debris removal after hurricanes Rita and Ike.

The PPG can also be credited with facilitating multi-million dollar projects for small business owners with Minute Maid Park, the Toyota Center, Hilton Americas Hotel, and Houston Community College, among others.

Helping to build strong communities is another major stalwart of the Pinnacle Awards and a significant part of The PPG’s corporate culture, which is governed by the mantra of “principally founded, based and managed.”

Along with partner ARAMARK, King donated more than $120K in scholarships to HABSE (Houston Area Alliance of Black School Educators) for minority students; he and business associate Ken White, CFO of Tatum Partners spent nearly $100K of their personal money to replace all of the band equipment lost at Yates High School during a flood; King lead the effort that resulted in the purchase of the old federal reserve bank building as the now home of the Houston Area Urban League; among many other community-building projects.

The cherry on top of friday night for King is that he met his wife Sharon at the Pinnacle Awards eight years ago. You might say King’s knack for making business connections is only rivaled by his ability to mix business, ever so successfully with his personal life.

More information about The PPG can be found at; RPH Consulting Group at; Global Momentum Construction at 281-988-4622

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