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Almost, Totally, Virtually Here: A Series of Virtual Teen Author Visits

Houston Public Library Celebrates Teen Read Month

In celebration of Teen Read Month the Houston Public Library (HPL) will host “Almost, Totally, Virtually Here: A Series of Virtual Teen Author Visits.” Teens will have an opportunity to meet and chat with four famous authors about new books, past books, their writing process, or the color of their socks (though that’s only happened once or twice in the previous series).

These author chats are the virtual equivalent of sitting and chatting with a favorite writer at a coffee shop. The events are free and open to the public. Teens can find information on how to log in to hosting neighborhood library locations or how to log in from their home computer to participate by visiting or they can call 832-393-1313.

Virtual teen authors scheduled include:

Holly Black
Thursday, October 6 at 4PM

Black is the author of the bestselling Spiderwick series. Her Modern Faerie Tales series is comprised of “Tithe” which was an American Library Association Top Ten Book for Teens and received starred reviews in “Publishers Weekly” and “Kirkus Reviews;” “Valiant,” which was an ALA Best Book for Young Adults, a “Locus”Magazine Recommended Read, and a recipient of the Andre Norton Award from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America; and “Ironside,” the sequel to “Tithe,” was a “New York Times” bestseller.

“White Cat,” the first book in the Curse Workers series, was a “Kirkus Reviews” Best Book, and ALA Best Fiction for Young Adults, and received starred reviews from “Publishers Weekly,” “Kirkus Reviews,” and “BCCB.” “Red Glove,” the second book in the Curse Workers series, received a starred review from “Publishers Weekly.” Black has also written a collection of short stories, “The Poison Eaters and Other Stories.” She lives in Amherst, Massachusetts. Visit Black at

Eilis O’Neal…Author of “The False Princess”
Wednesday, October 12 at 4 PM

O’Neal is the Managing Editor of the literary magazine “Nimrod International Journal.” She started writing at the age of three (though the story was only four sentences long and not very good), but she hopes that she’s improved a great deal since then. She lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with her husband, Matt, and two dogs, Nemo and Zuul. “The False Princess” is her first novel.

You can visit her online at

About the Book
Princess and heir to the throne of Thorvaldor, Nalia’s led a privileged life at court. But everything changes when it’s revealed, just after her sixteenth birthday, that she is a false princess, a stand-in for the real Nalia, who has been hidden away for her protection. Cast out with little more than the clothes on her back, the girl now called Sinda must leave behind the city of Vivaskari, her best friend, Keirnan, and the only life she’s ever known.

Sinda is sent to live with her only surviving relative, an aunt who is a dyer in a distant village. She is a cold, scornful woman with little patience for her newfound niece, and Sinda proves inept at even the simplest tasks. But when Sinda discovers that magic runs through her veins – long-suppressed, dangerous magic that she must learn to control – she realizes that she can never learn to be a simple village girl.

Returning to Vivaskari for answers, Sinda finds her purpose as a wizard scribe, rediscovers the boy who saw her all along, and uncovers a secret that could change the course of Thorvaldor’s history, forever.
A dazzling first novel, “The False Princess” is an engrossing fantasy full of mystery, action, and romance. (Publisher Description)

Lisa McMann
Wednesday, October 19 at 4 PM

McMann is New York Times bestselling teen author of the paranormal “Wake” trilogy, “Fade,” “Gone,” “Cryer’s Cross,” and her most recent fantasy series “The Unwanteds.”She lives in the Phoenix area with her family.
About the book – “The Unwanteds”

Every year in Quill, thirteen-year-olds are sorted into categories: the strong, intelligent Wanteds go to university, and the artistic Unwanteds are sent to their graves.

On the day of the Purge, identical twins Alex and Aaron Stowe await their fate. While Aaron is hopeful of becoming a Wanted, Alex knows his chances are slim. He’s been caught drawing with a stick in the dirt-and in the stark gray land of Quill, being creative is a death sentence.

But when Alex and the other Unwanteds face the Eliminators, they discover an eccentric magician named Mr. Today and his hidden world that exists to save the condemned children. Artimé is a colorful place of talking statues, uncommon creatures, and artistic magic, where creativity is considered a gift… and a weapon. (Publisher description)

Adam Rex
Friday, October 28 at 4 PM

Rex grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, the middle of three children. He was neither the smart one (older brother) or the cute one (younger sister), but he was the one who could draw. He took a lot of art classes as a kid, trying to learn to draw better, and started painting when he was 11. Later he got a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the University of Arizona, and met his physicist wife, Marie (who is both the smart and cute one). They live in Tucson, where he draws, paints, writes, spends on the Internet, and listens to public radio.

He is nearsighted, bad at all sports, and usually in need of a shave. He can carry a tune, if you don’t mind the tune getting dropped and stepped on occasionally. He never remembers anyone’s name until he’s heard it at least three times. He likes animals, spacemen, Mexican food, Ethiopian food, monsters, puppets, comic books, 19th-century art, skeletons, bugs, and robots.

You can visit him online at

His first picture book, “The Dirty Cowboy” by Amy Timberlake, was published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux in 2003. His picture book “Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich,” is a collection of stories about monsters and their problems, it was a “New York Times” bestseller. His first novel, “The True Meaning of Smekday,” was released in 2007. His second, a book for teens and adults called “Fat Vampire,” was published in July 2010.

About the Houston Public Library
The Houston Public Library (HPL) operates 35 neighborhood libraries, three HPL Express Libraries, a Central Library, the Houston Metropolitan Research Center, the Clayton Library Center for Genealogical Research, The African American Library at the Gregory School, and the Parent Resource Library located in the Children’s Museum of Houston. Serving more than 4 million customers per year, HPL is committed to excellent customer service and equitable access to information and programs by providing library customers with free use of a diverse collection of printed materials and electronic resources, Internet, laptop and computer use, and a variety of database and reference resources with live assistance online 24/7.

For further information, visit the Houston Public Library at or call 832-393-1313.

Sandra Fernandez
Manager of Public Relations
Houston Public Library
cell 713.435.9448

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