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‘The Carlisle Medical Journal’ highlighted by Doctors as a must need for patients everywhere

Author Darlene Carlisle-Matthews is pleased to announce one of the most needed resources in health care delivery is being released.

The medical journal ‘The Carlisle Medical Journal’ was released online for purchase at on July 4, 2011 and is available in a compact paperback version as well as an online English and Spanish version.

Doctors and many patients have praised ‘The Carlisle Medical Journal’ as a dire need in the world of patient care. The journal is designed to help individuals manage and organize their medical information, family medical history, doctor visits, prescriptions, and much more in a very simple and easy to use manner. The journal is compact and re-fill able with additional pages.

“The inspiration for Carlisle Products and ‘The Carlisle Medical Journal’ are the direct results of a vision God gave to me while I was feeling extremely ill after a chemo treatment while lying in bed. I am a cancer survivor and I thank God everyday for his grace and mercy,” said Darlene.

In 2002 she found that she had cancer. For six months she had to experience aggressive chemotherapy, and thirty- five treatments of radiation.

“It was a year that I will never forget. The chemo was the worst. It made me sick as a dog. To this day I cannot adequately explain to anyone how sick I felt,” said Darlene.

‘The Carlisle Medical Journal’ is a very unique, compact and user-friendly medical journal that can be used to assist anyone in organizing and recording their own medical history. The journal is divided into 9 customized sections. Each multi-colored tab contains the title for each section. The contents of the book fit into a custom 3-ring binder approximately 9½ x 6½. The front and back inside covers has a built in insurance cardholder and storage pocket. Simply fill in the blanks to record important information about your family medical tree; doctors and specialist information, medications used, allergic reactions, appointments, medical test/results, surgeries and hospital stays; and journaling your thoughts and experiences. Having access to all this information in one centrally located place can be very helpful to carry with you each time you visit any doctor. It would also be helpful to a friend or relative to have all of your medical history contained in one location in case of an emergency.

For more information about ‘The Carlisle Medical Journal’, please visit or call 713-269-8642.

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