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US-Brazil Energy Forum Breakfast photographs

US-Brazil Energy Forum BreakfastClick Here to launch the gallery.

The US-Brazil Energy Forum is a Houston-based, private organization, headquartered in Houston, Texas, the energy capital of the world, committed to bringing to the public a forum for gathering international private sector, non-profit and government officials from the U.S. and Brazil, from other key foreign trade countries, and from the international community in general. Its purpose is to promote constructive personal and business relations along with dialogue pertinent to international oil & gas, energy and infrastructure trade and investment relations. The US-Brazil Energy Forum is committed to providing non-partisan, high-quality, ethical, respectful, pro-business and socially conscious events that are of great benefit to all participants and to their international communities. We seek to provide exposure and understanding among players, big corporations and small entrepreneurs, private and public, international and local, for sustainable international business and entrepreneurship to improve individual lives worldwide. A portion of our proceeds from each event is donated to qualified international non-profit organizations sharing the international humanitarian values of the US-Brazil Energy Forum, such as Rotary International. Photos by Roan Matthews

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