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Houston-Based U.S.-Brazil Energy Forum Hosts First Annual “Energy Leaders Breakfast” on Monday, May 2, 2011, at the InterContinental Hotel from 7 – 11 a.m.

Unprecedented Event Honors Brazilian Entrepreneurship and Accelerates the Cultivation of Meaningful Business Relationships among Key Global Energy Leaders and Influencers.

US-Brazil Energy Forum BreakfastClick Here to launch the gallery from the US-Brazil Energy Forum Breakfast.
photos by Roan Matthews

HOUSTON, May 2, 2011 – Today, Members of the U.S. Congress, The Office of the Governor of of Texas and the Office of the Mayor of Houston; Brazil Government and the National Petroleum Agency; Trade Commissions from various countries; and senior executives from Petrobras, Schlumberger, Cameron, Dow, BHP Billiton, CH2M HILL, Brazil’s Oil and Gas Law Alliance, Ernst & Young, Odebrecht, Brazil’s HRT Oil & Gas, Hart Energy, Exmar Offshore, among other “energy leader” companies from various countries, will gather at the world energy capital Houston for the Energy Leaders Breakfast Honoring Brazilian Entrepreneurship at the InterContinental Hotel near Galleria from 7 – 10 a.m., before the start of OTC 2011.

In addition to participation of Brazilian government officials and key leadership from Brazil’s regulator National Petroleum Agency, representatives from Canada, United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Norway, Angola and several other countries, some with full trade delegations, acknowledging the importance of both U.S. and Brazil relations to their respective oil and gas industries, will also be present.

At the core of the event’s discussion is the fact that Brazil has just recently entered the big leagues of oil & gas, investing nearly US$ 250 billion in oil and gas in the next five years. The recent discovery of up to 80 billion barrels will potentially make Brazil one of the top six oil and gas reserves in the world. The mobilization of Brazil, the leading BRIC country and 8th largest economy in the world, toward the oil and gas industry, will require Brazil to draw thousands of new foreign investors and exporters worldwide. For this reason, officials from the Brazilian Petroleum Institute and the City of Rio de Janeiro, respectively a key energy industry association and the city government for Brazil’s oil industry capital, both keen to promote new international business relations, are attending the event.

U.S., Canadian, European and Asian oil & gas industry companies doing business in the Gulf of Mexico, are ideally positioned to invest, export and do local fabrication to serve the Brazil oil and gas boom. The States of Texas and Louisiana have the Latin American headquarters of over half of all international oil field suppliers to Brazil’s Petrobras, the third largest energy company worldwide and main purchaser of petroleum equipment and services in Brazil. Moreover, Brazilian industrial groups, such as Petrobras, Odebrecht and HRT, are increasingly seeking access to international markets and technologies, often establishing joint ventures with U.S.-based companies and foreign subsidiaries in the U.S. Gulf Coast region. Petrobras, Odebrecht and several other major Brazilian companies sending executives to the event, either already have offices in Houston or will soon be opening one. Fast-growing Houston-based Petrobras America is already Petrobras’s largest international investment and a leader in ultra deepwater exploration in the Gulf of Mexico. Houston is the preferred center of Latin America energy industry business development and negotiations and is well-positioned to add value as the international gateway to the Brazil oil boom.

“The Brazil oil boom presents a unique opportunity for a large, industrialized developing country once crippled by oil imports to peacefully create through new oil wealth a sustainable and business-friendly prosperous society sharing much in common with the U.S., as Western multiethnic democracies,” said Jon Vague, Chairman, US-Brazil Energy Forum and President, NLV International. “In turn, the U.S. seeks foreign markets to expand exports, ideally with balanced trade partners such as Brazil. An ever stronger U.S. entrepreneurial relationship with new oil giant Brazil, would be beneficial for both countries and for the international energy industry. ”

The U.S. has in Brazil an ideal business and trade partner for its oil & gas and infrastructure industries. Houston-based businesses, professionals and institutions, comprising a large number of U.S. and international companies, will play a big role in the internationalization processes of both Brazil and the U.S.

“From this vantage point, it looks like the best years for Brazil are in front of us,” said Kristine Klavers, Vice President, Hart Energy Consulting. “It is no doubt that the 21st century is Brazil’s century – and a global energy power has clearly emerged.”

About US-Brazil Energy Forum
The US-Brazil Energy Forum is a Houston-based, private organization, headquartered in Houston, Texas, the energy capital of the world, committed to bringing to the public a forum for gathering international private sector, non-profit and government officials from the U.S. and Brazil, from other key foreign trade countries, and from the international community in general. Its purpose is to promote constructive personal and business relations along with dialogue pertinent to international oil & gas, energy and infrastructure trade and investment relations.

The US-Brazil Energy Forum is committed to providing non-partisan, high-quality, ethical, respectful, pro-business and socially conscious events that are of great benefit to all participants and to their international communities. We seek to provide exposure and understanding among players, big corporations and small entrepreneurs, private and public, international and local, for sustainable international business and entrepreneurship to improve individual lives worldwide. A portion of our proceeds from each event is donated to qualified international non-profit organizations sharing the international humanitarian values of the US-Brazil Energy Forum, such as Rotary International.

For more information contact:
Jaa St. Julien, St. Julien Communications Group, 713-­‐965-­‐7084,

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