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Restaurateur tells how southern food, soulful experience led to entrepreneurial success

Owner and operator of twoHouston restaurant favorites –‘the breakfast klub’ and ‘reggae hut’-Marcus Davis talked to United Way of Greater Houston’s Young Leaders aboutfinding their entrepreneurship niche and how he became a successful restaurateur.

As about 75 youngprofessionals ate delicious entrées of either brown stew chicken or currychicken from the ‘reggae hut’, Davis told the group that even before hesolidified an investor for the restaurant, he could picture patrons enjoyingthe soulful atmosphere and that he could smell the sweet, southern aroma of thefood he would one day serve. Davis, who is a member of United Way of GreaterHouston’s Board of Trustees, told the group to visualize their own entrepreneurialdesires and explained that once conceptualized, this vision creates acontinuous burning fire within that will motivate them to success.

The event was part of the “Luncheon with Leaders” series that is offered to young professionals whocontribute $1,000 or more annually to United Way of Greater Houston’s communitycampaign. Pictured from left: Sabrina Martinez,United Way of Greater Houston Young Leader Council Vice Chair; Marcus Davis,chief steward, tbk Holdings, Inc.,; Elizabeth Tosh, United Way ofGreater Houston Young Leader Council Member; and Ryan McCauley, UnitedWay of Greater Houston Young Leader Council Member. (Photo credit: Ericka Hernandez)

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