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Houston, does Obama have a problem with TEXAS?

Obama’s decision to deny Houston a space shuttle makes heads shake and questions begin to rise about the Obama administrations behavior towards Texas since it’s inception over two year ago.

Following this decision, a very gracious statement was issued by Evelyn Husband Thompson, whose husband Rick commanded Columbia in 2003; Jonathan Clark, husband of Columbia astronaut Laurel Clark; Sandy Anderson, wife of Columbia’s payload commander, Michael Anderson; Lorna Onizuka, whose husband, Ellison, died on Challenger in 1986; and Cheryl McNair, wife of Challenger astronaut Dr. Ronald McNair.

“We are heartbroken to learn of the decision that the Space Shuttle will not be allowed to return home to Houston. Home is where the heart is, and Houston has served as the heart of the space shuttle program since its inception nearly four decades ago.
All the astronauts lost were Houston’s residents. We again share a collective loss as a result of the political decision to send the space shuttle elsewhere.
We had prayed that the incredible sacrifices this community has endured would have allowed the shuttle’s legacy to continue here. Although we disagree with this decision, we will persevere in our support of space exploration, just as we have done in the past.”

Video of audience in a collective gasp when New York is announced the ‘winner’ of the Enterprise.

“Politics should never play a part in the decision about a piece of American History. Today, I’m afraid politics trumped common sense.” – Bob Mitchell, president, BAHEP
He goes on to say that he will ask the congressional delegation for an immediate investigation or, at the very least, an investigation to find out why.

“I’m deeply disappointed with the Administration’s misguided decision.” – Senator John Cornyn

Greater Houston Partnership Responds To Shuttle Snub

A Letter to the Editor
In response to “Houston, does Obama have a problem with Texas:

by Richard Foley

is truly another laugh. Just like when United dragged Continental to Chicago, and all the Houston Leaders cried and sobbingly said, “But why?”

Come on, our Mothers told us when we were kids, “When you lose, pick yourself up and ask, ‘How can I do better”

So, Houston Leaders please dry your eyes then you will be able to see a VISION [American Indians were intelligent to meditate and see Visions] ahead of you…start something new that will benefit Mankind and President Obama and ‘all the King’s horses and all the King’s men, will admire you!’

Granted, I do feel for the relatives of the Shuttle, however, all the more we must do something amazing for them instead of crying!

Start a brand new International [only] Houston Airline soon or else Air Asia will fly by and eat your Lunch!

Start a brand new PREVENTION OF CANCER School and beat out those who just want to make Money on pretending to CURE Cancer !

Do not know how ? Ask Sir Richard Branson! We need rain but not your tears for crying out loud!

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