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It was an afternoon in March 2010 when a security camera captures the end of a Houston police pursuit. Burglar Chad Holley tries to make a run for it, but he’s clipped by a police car and falls on the ground. He clearly puts his arms out in the surrender pose then folds his arms before police move in. The first officer stomps on Holley’s head and he’s repeatedly kicked. We counted four officers doing the kicking.

HPD and the District Attorney’s Office with Mayor Annise Parker’s agreement, all blocked public access to the Chad Holley beating video for nine months as a strategy to avoid jeopardizing the prosecution of these police officers. Quanell X , leader of the New Black Panther Party, got it into the hands of the media to make the public aware of the incident so that the public can hold the the justice system accountable do to pass trials in which the Houston Police Officers walked away with slaps on the wrist for similar hate crimes. Listen to his story…

Video transcript:
In the very beginning of this case, I was contacted by a woman who worked at Uncle Bob’s Self-Storage. She contacted my office, hysterical, saying she had just witnessed a horrific beating of a young African-American man at her job site.

I instructed … to go and speak with her and to seek if there was any truth to this complaint.

In fact, the Rev. Cofield called me and said, “Look, Minister, you should meet with this lady as soon as possible. There is truth to this complaint.” I subsequently met with the lady and had a very thorough discussion with her, and she played the tape for me.

What I saw on that tape was so horrific, so graphic, and — they looked like gang members. Those police officers looked like gang members in a gang fight on one lone African-American brother, so I told her that we would have to protect her because: One, the tape alone. Two, the facility, and that the appropriate thing for her to do was to contact her corporate office.
Let them know what was on tape and what she felt needed to be done with the tape.

Then, I instructed her to ask them, “May I have a copy?” They told her, “No, I may not have a copy,” and so she took it upon herself to make sure that I would make sure that the tape was not forgotten.
And, at some point, the contents that was on that tape would be released to the public.

And, one of the officers filed a defamation lawsuit against me for speaking up and on behalf of Chad Holley and his family.
After that lawsuit was filed, my attorneys filed a subpoena for the tape. Once they granted that tape to my attorney,
against his advice, and against his strong urging for me not to release it, I felt it was in the people’s right to see exactly what was on that tape.

The Houston Police Officers are public servants.

The Houston Police Officers are public servants.
And what was captured on that tape on public servants, in uniform, in the line of duty.

So, in the line of duty, in uniform, beating young men, captured on tape. I felt it was unconstitutional. I felt it was immoral and unethical for the mayor of this city, the District Attorney’s office, as well as the federal courts’, to make a decision that the people had no right to see this tape.

In my heart, I felt that the people had all the right in the world and a divine God-given right to see what was on that tape.

Too many African-American brothers in the city of Houston have always made allegations that they were victims of excessive use of force, police misconduct, police brutality, and intimidation.

What this looked like to me – a conspiracy of intimidation, excessive use of force, and that’s why I believe that a federal investigation on a federal level must take place in this case, and that they should assume the controls of how these officers are prosecuted because I do not believe that in Harris County and the City of Houston, with the politics surrounding the state of the Houston Police Department, that a true trial will take place in this city that is in the best interest of Chad Holley and his family.

That’s why I released the tape, so the world would see what was on that tape, and that they no longer can hide the facts from the people.

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