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“I regret having to call this press conference. However, because the Chad Holley incident occurred in my Congressional District; because my constituents have requested it and expect it; because justice demands it and because I believe it’s the right thing to do; I will ask the Justice Department to investigate all aspects of the circumstances surrounding the Chad Holley apprehension, as well as any other credible complaints for violations of federal laws. I do this notwithstanding what others may have requested, because while we may have too few demands for justice, we can never have too many.

“As investigations move forward we must remember:

“Just as the Government had cause to investigate Chad Holley’s conduct, the Government has cause to investigate the conduct of the officers who apprehended him.

“Just as Chad Holley was constitutionally innocent until proven guilty, so are the police officers involved in his apprehension.

“Just as Chad Holley’s misdeeds are not those of his family, the misdeeds of some police officers are not the misdeeds of the entire Police Department.

“As investigations move forward, we must resist allowing any incidents to be only about the race, sex or ethnicity of any one and insist that they be about liberty and justice for everyone.

“If the noble words of our Pledge of Allegiance, “liberty and justice for all”, are to be true for every one of us, they must be true for any one of us. We cannot have liberty and justice for all if some who police are above the law while some who are policed are beneath the law. Justice requires that the law be applied equally and fairly to all.”

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