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Texas author to receive writing award

2011 is proving to be an amazing year for Mignette Patrick Dorsey.
The author of Speak Truth to Power, the Story of Charles Patrick, a Civil Rights Pioneer (University of Alabama Press, 2010), is one of the winners of LoneStar College System’s Published Writing Award. The award recognizes the talents of the institution’s faculty and staff. Dorsey will accept the award at the LoneStar College System Employee Awards Luncheon Friday, April 1, 2011.

Mignette Patrick Dorsey

Mignette Patrick Dorsey

Dorsey will speak to a group of Rice University History students at the invitation of Professor Edward L. Cox on Feb. 2. She will also present a paper and host a book signing at the Southern Conference on African American Studies in Dallas, Feb. 10-12. Charles Patrick, who is now 92 years old, will receive the April 4th Foundation’s “Open Door Award” on April 4, 2011, Cook Convention Center, Memphis, TN.

About Speak Truth To Power:
The book is about how a defiant and courageous black veteran, Charles Patrick, tackled corrupt powers in Birmingham, 1954, unwittingly laying an early platform for the Civil Rights Movement that ensued. The incident, in which Patrick was mercilessly assaulted by white policemen who were later fired, sparked unprecedented unity amongst white and black citizens, politicians and the press. A three-minute video featuring an interview with 92-year-old Charles Patrick is available at:

About Mignette Patrick Dorsey:
A Los Angeles, California native, Dorsey is the youngest child of Charles and Rutha Patrick. She teaches writing courses at LoneStar College-CyFair, and is an award-winning print journalist who has worked as a city of Houston spokesperson and a high school journalism educator. She is a graduate student at the University of Houston, and enjoys exercising, bicycling and traveling with her husband. Dorsey is also an active member of the Houston Association of Black Journalists.

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