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On First Anniversary of Haiti’s Earthquake, Congressman Al Green Advocates For Continuing the Efforts to Rebuild

Washington (DC) – This week, on the first anniversary of the Haiti earthquake, Congressman Al Green (TX-09) expressed his solidarity and support for the citizens of that nation. The Congressman advocated for continuing the international efforts to rebuild the country and help it stabilize the phase of long-term recovery.

“The United States is committed to the task of helping the people of Haiti rebuild their country in the wake of such devastation. While the cholera outbreak has hampered rebuilding efforts, neither the spirit of the Haitian people nor the generosity of the international community has wavered. We work together to put Haiti on the road of full recovery,” said Congressman Al Green.

The earthquake, which struck with a 7.0 magnitude, is the worst natural disaster to hit Haiti in the last two centuries. According to the Haitian government, 230,000 people died and three million people were directly affected. Furthermore, according to the International Organization for Migration, approximately one million people are still living in very precarious conditions in the spontaneous and organized camps.

“I urge the international community and all the organizations involved in the recovery process to stay focused on the goal of rebuilding Haiti. A year after the earthquake, we are entering a new phase that must be guided by immediate objectives, such as effectively combating the cholera outbreak and accelerating the implementation of housing projects and initiatives. As for long-term goals, the rebuilding of the multiple damaged infrastructures with an emphasis on quality work that will make Haiti stronger should be our next priority,” stated the Congressman.

In the weeks and months after the earthquake, Congressman Al Green took a very active role in providing relief to Haiti. Among other things,
he sent a letter to the Obama Administration requesting that Haiti be designated for Temporary Protected Status (TPS). The TPS status was granted on January 14, 2010 and this week Congressman Al Green co-signed a letter that requests the extension of the TPS program for Haitians.

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