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Deloyd Parker to accept legacy honor on behalf of SHAPE Community Center at the “ThenAgain” Black History Month Soulcial

Already dubbed the hottest Black History Month celebration to ever hit Houston, organizers have confirmed that Deloyd Parker will be on-hand to accept a Living Legacy Award in person.

then again flyerThe event — “ThenAgain — The History of Black Dance in America. Relived.” — was created to focus not solely on dance throughout the ages but to highlight those who helped shape America along the way. The four hour affair swings out the box with professional dancers reliving the 50s-60s era jitterbug, swing and more, while paying tribute to civil rights icons during that time. Followed by a second hour of 70s-80s’ dances and concurrent icons. Culminating with the 90s-to-now era as the first Black President of the United States dances his way into the beating hearts of Americans of all colors.

“We’re very excited about this event and a chance to honor Mr. Parker locally and pay tribute to others na- tionally who helped shape America into the great country it is today,” said the event’s founder and publisher of the Houston Black Book, Craig Amos. “More importantly, we want to give people something fresh, an uncommon way of celebrating our unique history and culture. Dance is only part of the attraction. We’re committed to shining the spotlight on our remarkable ascension from the outhouse to the Whitehouse. Everyone is welcome to commemorate with us; this isn’t just Black History, but a very significant part of American history as well.”

The event takes place Saturday, February 12, 2011 at the beautiful Jamaal’s Ban- quet Facility, 11510 Homestead on the city’s northeast side.

A “Style Retrospective” hair and fashion show is planned showcasing black hair styles through the ages. Professional film crews will be in attendance to record the entire occasion and guest hosting will be funny- man, Comedian Derrick Keener, to ensure an entertaining time is had by all.

For more information visit or call Denise Hadnott on 281-808-7665. Vendors are also welcome.

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