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Community Event: Natural Hair Health & Beauty Showcase Coming Soon

November 27, 2010 – in conjunction with the Power Center, located at 12401 South Post Oak Road, Houston, Texas 77045, Nzuri and the Healthy Hair Society will host Houston’s first, and Texas’ largest, Natural Hair Health & Beauty Showcase”. This event is prepared to educate and inspire all in attendance.

Based on the motivational appeal of “Just Keeping It Real”, on November 27, 2010, Houston will host the state’s largest natural hair, health and beauty expo. The Nzuri Natural Hair Health & Beauty Showcase™ is prepared to educate, inspire and empower the growing number of individuals who are currently wearing natural hair styles, and those who are contemplating becoming natural style wearers, as well as deciding to keep their children’s hair natural.

The Nzuri expo will serve as a platform for the beautiful, natural hair movement that is quickly becoming an influential part of mainstream hair trends. “Nzuri” is the Swahili term that means “beautiful” or “very good”.
This showcase is a journey to the celebration of natural hair, health and beauty. This is a community event and is open to the public. The event will feature four competitions: Biggest Afro, Best Kept Locs, Top Natural Hair Stylist, and Best Top Braider. There will also be a natural hair showcase presented by some of Houston’s top natural hair stylists and a dynamic fashion show featuring talented local designers Dinjii Boutique, Tiki Glam, Dawning Soul and Kachi Fashion Designs. Also included is a special Beauty Pageant presented by “Happy” Headed Pageants called Little Miss “Happy” Headed. This pageant is designed to encourage self-love, respect and esteem in young girls ages 5 to 13. Kids are encouraged to participate as the contest has educational purposes and focuses on natural and inner beauty. Participants are rewarded for embracing their natural hair and although this is a competition, all are winners because every girl will receive a trophy and a special Princess Pack.
Both free and fee based, classes and workshops will be available and conducted by internationally known and skilled instructors. Make-up/beauty services and holistic health consultations will be available at the event and selected vendors will offer the latest in hair and skin care, holistic health services, and fashion expertise.

Some of the highlights of the show include the Guinness Book world record holder of the longest locs, Ms. Asha Mandela, who will be onsite to take photos and to judge the longest locs competition and an open panel discussion will be conducted by African American women and men entitled “Why Is Our Natural Hair So Foreign To Us – Getting to the Root of the Problem”.

The organizers, Natural Healthy Hair Society, created this event with the intent to form an alliance between a “shared consciousness” public who want and need products and services and the natural hair stylists and exhibitors who offer them.

Sponsorships are still available and will be welcomed for all sections, including the Little Miss “Happy” Headed Pageant. Vendor booths are also available. Detailed sponsorship and vendor information can be found on the official hair show website A portion of the proceeds from this event will benefit Shoes4School.

The event tickets are currently on sale and pricing options are as follows: $10 general admission, $25 VIP and free for children under 12. Limited seating is available. To order, or for additional information, please visit the event website at or contact the event organizer.

Organizer/Executive Director:
Leola Anifowoshe

Public Relations/Media Contact:
Felicia Provost

Public Relations/Media Contact:
H. Ramona Crayton

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