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Port Arthur Embarks Upon the Dawn of a New Era for Economic Growth, Development and Expansion

Aurora Community Development Corporation is pleased to announce its participation in the upcoming City of Port Arthur and EPA Environmental Justice Summit along with other economic development focused organizations. The summit is being held at Golden Triangle Empowerment Center, 617 Procter Street located at in the downtown Port Arthur district. Appropriately themed: Forging a Comprehensive EJ Strategy for Port Arthur and being held on November 8-9 , 2010, the event promises to be one that will shed light on the Golden Triangle’s socio-economic opportunities. Focusing on community development, healthcare and economics, the event will corral the city’s thought leaders to discuss these and other topics concerning the development and progression of the city.

The Aurora CDC is the culmination of the successes that the Golden Triangle Empowerment Center (GTEC) and the Mardi Gras group have already had in developing projects in Port Arthur. Comprised of new development projects in the downtown area, the Aurora CDC is driving great momentum in creating economic development and growth. To date the group has secured the historic City Limits building and Sabine Hotel for major renovations.

Prior to forming Aurora CDC for future project developments, GTEC purchased and fully renovated an 18,400 square foot multipurpose facility in downtown Port Arthur. The center is the headquarters for Golden Triangle Empowerment Center’s community outreach and engagement, personal enrichment, and hands on, industrial, and life skills training. The new building includes training classes, an auditorium, a business incubator, a restaurant and a coffee bar. This endeavor created 50 construction jobs and 20 permanent jobs. Since 2007, GTEC has held 39 classes, trained 305 people, and placed 235 with gainful employment. This facility will allow them to multiply these numbers in addition to being a pillar in the community for meetings, education programs, and economic development projects.

The City Limits renovation being done by Aurora CDC is a 28,000 square foot building. The proposed usage of the newly renovated City Limits will be a multipurpose office space and ground floor retail property. Similar to the City Limits development, the Sabine Hotel renovation is a 55,000 square foot historical building that will be repurposed into a mixed function facility that will provide housing, office and boutique retail space.

Keeping the momentum going, the upcoming projects slated to begin in 2011 will mirror the recent successes of the Golden Triangle Empowerment Center, the Museum of Texas Gulf Coast, the KTM Company and the Port Arthur International Seaman Center, all which have been revitalized in the downtown area.

During the 2-day EJ Summit consisting of informative panel discussions, presentations and a series of break out meetings, the organizers hope to have the participants convey crucial data and information pertaining to healthcare, housing, employment and other community issues. With local, state and federal officials in attendance, the summit will provide the much-needed dialogue necessary to address the challenges facing the Port Arthur community.

Contact: Jaa St. Julien, 713-965-7084,

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